Triumphs and battles of Archduke Albert Series

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Triumphs and battles of Archduke Albert Series
The conception of this chronicle of the triumphs and battles of Archduke Albert of Austria was commissioned to Otto van Veen by the magistrate of the city of Ambers, to adorn the joyful entry of the Archdukes Albert and Isabella Clara Eugenia in the city on December 10th, 1599, when they were received as the new monarchs of the Low Countries.

The series was probably sent to Madrid after the death of Archduke Albert in 1621. It was inventoried in the Royal Tapestry of Philip IV at the Alcazar of Madrid in 1666, being in the royal collection ever since.

The hanging accompanying the retinue for the reception of Archdukes Albert and Isabella was described in the work entitled Historica narratio profectionis et inaugurationis [...] Alberti et Isabellae; This was published by Johannes Bocchius, the secretary of the city of Ambers, and edited in 1602 at Plantino’s print, the most prestigious of the time.


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Series Triumphs and battles of Archduke Albert

Models Otto van Veen and Hans I Snellinck

Manufacture Martin Reynbouts, Brussels, 1597-1599

Fabric Gold, silver, silk and wool

Location Royal Palace of El Pardo

Origin Collection of Philip IV


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