Ad te clamamus

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Ad te clamamus

The composition is similar to the first tapestry in the series, but this second one is dedicated to Mary as mother and mediator among men. Furthermore, the Virgin is compared to women of the Old Testament such as Rebecca, Rachel and Sarah. Like the others in the series, this tapestry has the escutcheons of Bishop Fonseca. The mark B▼B, Brussels and Brabant, appears in the selvage, indicating the place of manufacture, along with that of the weaver.

Prayer continues

The distribution is very similar to the first piece, repeating the figure of the Virgin with the Baby flanked by angels. There are two of them in this case, although another six of smaller size are represented by a winged head. There are also two groups of figures on the earthly world, and there are no differences regarding the overall concept of the landscape, which could well be an extension of the former.

Undoubtedly, this is the second piece of the series because the inscription beneath the Virgin continues the Hail from the first tapestry; ‘Ad te clamamus, exVles, filii Eve. Ad te sVspiramVs, gementes et flentes in hac lacrimaru[m] valle’ (To thee we cry, Eve’s children, sin’s exiles; To thee we sigh, moaning, weeping in this vale of tears).

Mother and mediator

A group formed by three women and three men shows phylacteries with inscriptions. The first ones come from the Genesis and compare the Virgin to some of the most prominent women of the Old Testament, Rebecca, Rachel and Sarah, who were understood as foreshadowing the Mother of God. On the other hand, those of the men, also from the Genesis, refer to Mary as the mediator before her Son in order to bring about the salvation of men.

Series the Hail

Second tapestry in the series

Manufacture Brussels’ workshops, a possible manufacture by Marc Crétif, c. 1528

Size 429 x 646 cm

Fabric Silk and wool

Location Cathedral of Palencia

Origin A bequest of Bishop Fonseca in 1529

On display North wing of the crossing


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