Return to Bethulia (Regreso a Betulia)

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Return to Bethulia (Regreso a Betulia)
After achieving her aim of killing the enemy leader, both women return to Bethulia carrying the head of the Assyrian general in a pouch.

When Judith entered Bethulia (Judith 13, 10-13), her neighbours were surprised at her unexpected return. They all gathered around her, surrounding her and eager to know what had happened.

The tapestry shows Judith and her handmaid before Oziah, one of the governors of Bethulia, in a simple architectural environment suggesting the inner city. There are groups of figures in surprised and talkative attitude around the main characters, as shown by their gestures and countenances, undoubtedly commenting on Judith’s return.

Series The Book of Judith

Eighth tapestry in the series

Manufacture Netherlands, Brussels?, 2nd half of the 16th century

Fabric Wool

Location Church of Saint Nicholas of Bari (museum opened in 2009)

Origin Church of Saint Stephen


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