Galleries with animals or Gallery of espaliers (2)

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Galleries with animals or Gallery of espaliers (2)
The espaliers of climbing gourds, which give their name to this second tapestry in the series, wind their way up a tripartite pergola covered by a wooden structure.

Golden columns

A tripartite pergola, held up by four pairs of Corinthian columns with gilded bases and capitals, supports the wooden structure which the climbing gourds wind their way up.

Bouquets of flowers

Inside the pergola, three majestic bouquets of flowers are on display. A huge variety of flowers can be identified, and the bouquets are placed in three vases which are made to look like richly decorated bronze.

Animals and landscapes

In the foreground we can see a range of animals: a cock, a parrot, a heron and a feline. Behind the pergola, we can make out gardens and landscapes.

Series Galleries with animals or Galleries of espaliers

Second tapestry of the series

Model Unknown

Manufacture Unknown workshop, seventeenth century

Fabric Silk and wool

Size 295 x 454 cm

Location Royal Palace of Aranjuez

On display Ballroom

Origin Unknown

National Heritage Series 67


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