War scene (Escena bélica)

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War scene (Escena bélica)
This tapestry shows a war scene taking place in front of a large walled city, in reference to one of the conquests of Nebuchadnezzar.

Among the characters in combat we can find two figures who could be the Assyrian king and hisgeneral, because the character on the left, with a shield decorated with a large face, is repeated throughout the series and can be identified as Holofernes. The Book of Judith describes a battle waged by the troops of Nebuchadnezzar against King Arpachshad (Judith 1, 13-15).

Series: The Book of Judith

3rd tapestry in the series

Manufacture: Netherlands, Brussels?, 2nd half of 16th c.

Fabric: Wool

Location: Church of San Nicolás (museum opened in 2009)

Origin: Church of San Esteban.

Miguel Ángel Zalama, in collaboration with Jesús F. Pascual Molina

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