Meeting between Jacob and Esau (Encuentro entre Jacob y Esaú)

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Meeting between Jacob and Esau (Encuentro entre Jacob y Esaú)
This third tapestry in the series narrates the reconciliation between Jacob and his brother Esau (Genesis 33, 1-20), once the former came back to his native land. Jacob was fearful of meeting his brother, and so he sent three men with several presents in an attempt to appease Esau. And yet, when they finally met Esau took Jacob in and forgave him.

Jacob can be seen on the right, followed by his wives and children. Towards the border of the tapestry, camels are carrying the family’s possessions. On the right, Esau hugs his brother while the troops accompanying him place themselves at his rear, as told in the scriptures.

Series Esau and Jacob

Third tapestry in the series

Manufacture Netherlands, second half of the 16th century

Fabric Wool

Location Church of Saint Nicholas of Bari (museum opened in 2009)

Origin Church of Saint Stephen


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