Laban searches for the stolen idols (Labán busca los ídolos robados)

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Laban searches for the stolen idols (Labán busca los ídolos robados)
This tapestry recounts the scene in which Laban caught up with Jacob and ordered the Hebrew camp to be searched for the idols stolen by Rachel.

The second tapestry in the series displays the episode of Laban’s visit to the camp of Jacob, who had fled to Canaan, and the search for the idols which Rachel had stolen, as told in Genesis 31, 22-44. Laban is dressed in oriental fashion and followed by his armed men, while Jacob points at his camp, deployed in the upper right corner of the tapestry. Rachel, in the centre, manages to deceive her father by sitting on the stolen idols, saying “Let not my lord be angry that I cannot rise before you, for the manner of women is upon me”. On the right side we can see some men of Laban checking Jacob’s goods and his people’s in search of the terafim, which was the name given to the little statues of household gods.

Series Esau and Jacob

Second tapestry in the series

Manufacture Netherlands, 2nd half of the 16th century

Fabric Wool

Location Church of Saint Nicholas of Bari (museum opened in 2009)

Origin Church of Saint Stephen


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