Judith before Holofernes (Judith ante Holofernes)

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Judith before Holofernes (Judith ante Holofernes)
Holofernes has set down his camp before the city of Bethulia, which is besieged. In the center of the cloth we see the tent of the general, with Judith and her handmaid approaching it.

Judith 10, 1-23, narrates the episode in which the heroine leaves Bethulia accompanied by her handmaid, heading for the Assyrian camp. They are intercepted in their way by a party of soldiers, and Judith tells them about her intention to give Holofernes news concerning the assault on Bethulia. Her beauty captivates the soldiers, who take her into the camp and into the tent of the general. The main scene appears on the background, though, almost as secondary.

Series The Book of Judith

5th tapestry in the series

Manufacture Netherlands, Brussels?, 2nd half of 16th c.

Fabric Wool

Location Church of San Nicolás (museum opened in 2009)

Origin Church of San Esteban


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