Genesis or The Creation of Man Series (Génesis o La Creación del Hombre)

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Genesis or The Creation of Man Series (Génesis o La Creación del Hombre)
An inventory of the goods of the Cathedral of Burgos taken in 1797 shows the existence of ‘several stages of the Genesis’, which had been donated to by treasurer Ramón de Campuzano. Of a set comprised of ten pieces, from the creation of Adam to the story of Cain and Abel, there is just one currently exhibited in the cathedral museum, which is the tapestry representing the creation of Eve.

A much-told tale

In the mid-16th century, painter Michiel Coxcie made two cartoons which were used to weave the first (princes) series for the King of Poland, Sigismund II Augustus, nowadays preserved in Wawel Castle, in Krakow. The cartoons were copied and new editions were still being made in the mid-17th century. Two of them are kept in Spain: the National Heritage set (series 50) comprised of eight tapestries manufactured by Jacques Fobert and Jan Verboert in Brussels around 1640, and the series belonging to the Cathedral of Burgos.


They were woven in Brussels, as indicated by the mark B▼B. The monogram of the weaver Jan Aerst, who worked in the 1630s, is also displayed, so the tapestries in the Cathedral of Burgos must have been made around that date.


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Series Genesis or The Creation of Man

Model Cartoons based on Michiel Coxcie

Manufacture Jan Aerst in Brussels, c. 1630

Fabric Silk and wool

Location St James'schapel (museum) of the cathedral of Burgos

Origin A bequest to the cathedral in the 18th c. by treasurer Ramón de Campuzano


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