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  1. About us
  2. Achilles' Death (Muerte de Aquiles)
  3. Achilles’ Tent (La Tienda de Aquiles)
  4. Ad te clamamus
  5. Albarracín
  6. Allegory of Charity enlightening the world
  7. Anunciation
  8. Apotheosis of the Eucharist Series (Apoteosis de la Eucaristía)
  9. Aranjuez
  10. Assault and capture of the entrenched battlefield of Hulst
  11. Assault on Asilah (Asalto de Arcila)
  12. Assault on the town of Calais
  13. Astyages recognizes Cyrus
  14. Aviso legal
  15. Bacchus takes Ariadne as his wife
  16. Bathseba at her bath
  17. Battle in the trenches of Hulst
  18. Birth of Christ
  19. Burgos
  20. Cathedral of Burgos
  21. Cathedral of Palencia
  22. Cathedral of Zamora
  23. Christ ascends to Heaven and Man is redeemed before God (Cristo asciende al Cielo y el Hombre se redime ante Dios)
  24. Christ of Mercy
  25. Christ the Savior as a Child (Cristo Salvador como Niño)
  26. Christ the Saviour as a Child (Cristo Salvador como Niño)
  27. Church of San Millán (Oncala Tapestry Museum)
  28. Church of St. Stephen and Church of St. Nicholas of Bari
  29. Cleopatra and her court (Cleopatra en su corte)
  30. Collections
  31. Collectors
  32. Collegiate Church of Our Lady of the Assumption
  33. Combat between two warriors and the death of Cyrus
  34. Conquest of Asilah and Tangier by Afonso V of Portugal Series (Conquista de Arcila y Tánger por Alfonso V de Portugal) (the Pastrana tapestries)
  35. Contact
  36. Couple with musician (Pareja con músico)
  37. Crucifixion and the Virtues win the Battle against the Vices (Crucifixión y las Virtudes ganan la batalla a los Vicios)
  38. Dais of Charles V (Baldachin of Margaret of Austria)
  39. David before Saul (David ante Saúl)
  40. Devotion of Our Lady or Golden cloths series (Devoción de Nuestra Señora o Paños de oro)
  41. Diocesan Museum
  42. Diocesan and Comarcal Museum of Lleida
  43. Disembarkation in Asilah (Desembarco en Arcila)
  44. Eia ergo advocata nostra
  45. Elijah and the angel (Elías y el ángel)
  46. Elymas struck blind
  47. En cours de construction
  48. En cours de construction)
  49. Episodes from the Life of the Virgin Series
  50. Esau and Jacob Series (Esaú y Jacob)

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