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About usAchilles' Death (Muerte de Aquiles)Achilles’ Tent (La Tienda de Aquiles)
Ad te clamamusAlbarracínAllegory of Charity enlightening the world
AnunciationApotheosis of the Eucharist Series (Apoteosis de la Eucaristía)Aranjuez
Assault and capture of the entrenched battlefield of HulstAssault on Asilah (Asalto de Arcila)Assault on the town of Calais
Astyages recognizes CyrusAviso legalBacchus takes Ariadne as his wife
Bathseba at her bathBattle in the trenches of HulstBirth of Christ
BurgosCathedral of BurgosCathedral of Palencia
Cathedral of ZamoraChrist ascends to Heaven and Man is redeemed before God (Cristo asciende al Cielo y el Hombre se redime ante Dios)Christ of Mercy
Christ the Savior as a Child (Cristo Salvador como Niño)Christ the Saviour as a Child (Cristo Salvador como Niño)Church of San Millán (Oncala Tapestry Museum)
Church of St. Stephen and Church of St. Nicholas of BariCleopatra and her court (Cleopatra en su corte)Collections
CollectorsCollegiate Church of Our Lady of the AssumptionCombat between two warriors and the death of Cyrus
Conquest of Asilah and Tangier by Afonso V of Portugal Series (Conquista de Arcila y Tánger por Alfonso V de Portugal) (the Pastrana tapestries)ContactCouple with musician (Pareja con músico)
Crucifixion and the Virtues win the Battle against the Vices (Crucifixión y las Virtudes ganan la batalla a los Vicios)Dais of Charles V (Baldachin of Margaret of Austria)David before Saul (David ante Saúl)
Devotion of Our Lady or Golden cloths series (Devoción de Nuestra Señora o Paños de oro)Diocesan MuseumDiocesan and Comarcal Museum of Lleida
Disembarkation in Asilah (Desembarco en Arcila)Eia ergo advocata nostraElijah and the angel (Elías y el ángel)
Elymas struck blindEn cours de constructionEn cours de construction)
Episodes from the Life of the Virgin SeriesEsau and Jacob Series (Esaú y Jacob)Et Ihesum benedictus
FaithFall on the way to Calvary (Caída en el camino del Calvario)Fame
Fortune. The way to the Honours (La Fortuna. Camino de los Honores)Four tapestries after Hieronymus Bosch (series)Gallant scene (Escena galante)
Gallantry (Galante) SeriesGalleries with animals or Galleries of espaliers SeriesGalleries with animals or Gallery of espaliers (10)
Galleries with animals or Gallery of espaliers (2)Genesis or The Creation of Man Series (Génesis o La Creación del Hombre)Gideon and the angel
God creates Woman and introduces her to Adam (Dios crea a la mujer y la presenta a Adán)God send the Arcangel GabrielGod the Father and the Holy Spirit
Grotesques (Bed of Philip II) SeriesHannibal in Italy (Aníbal en Italia)Hannibal’s oath (Juramento de Aníbal)
Harvesting manna (Recogida del maná)Hercules and AntaeusHercules and the Stymphalian birds
Hercules battling the MinotaurHercules captures CerberusHercules in the Garden of the Hesperides
Hercules supporting the celestrial sphereHistory of Dido and Aeneas series (Historia de Dido y Eneas)History of the consul Decius Mus Series
Holofernes’ BanquetHolofernes’ Banquet (El banquete de Holofernes)Honour
Human Redemption or Vices and Virtues Series (Redención del Hombre o Vicios y virtudes)InfamyIntroducción
Jacob gathering his wives before fleeing to Canaan (Jacob reuniendo a sus esposas antes de huir a la tierra de Canaán)Jason and MedeaJoash is informed that Gideon has destroyed the altar of Baal
Judith before Holofernes (Judith ante Holofernes)Judith shows Holofernes’ head (Judith muestra la cabeza de Holofernes)Justice
Justice (La Justicia)Laban searches for the stolen idols (Labán busca los ídolos robados)Lleida
MadridMadridPardoMago, Hannibal’s messenger, in Carthage (Magón, mensajero de Aníbal, en Cartago)
MapaZamoraMapa Palacio RealMapaalbarracin
MapapastranaColegiataMapazamoraCatedralMark Anthony and Cleopatra Series (Marco Antonio y Cleopatra)
Marriage of David and BathshebaMars appears to Rhea SilviaMeeting between Jacob and Esau (Encuentro entre Jacob y Esaú)
Meeting of Abraham and Melchizedek (Encuentro de Abraham y Melquisedec)Monastery of the Descalzas RealesMonkeys and grotesques over red field series (Monos y grutescos sobre campo colorado)
Monkeys playing with ropes (Monos jugando con cuerdas)MpapToledoSantaCruzMuseum of Santa Cruz
Mythological SeriesNebuchadnezzar’s army (El ejército de Nabucodonosor)Night assault on Ardres or Capture of the low town of Ardres
PastranaPastranaColegiataPenitent St. Jerome, or St. Jerome in the Desert
PortadaPresentation at the TemplePriceless objects
PrudenceReal Sitio de San IldefonsoRebecca offers water to Eliezer
Redemption of Man or Vices and Virtues Series (Redención del Hombre o Vicios y Virtudes)Resurrection of Christ (Resurrección de Cristo)Return to Bethulia (Regreso a Betulia)
Review of the Troops at BarcelonaRoyal Monastery of San Lorenzo de El EscorialRoyal Palace
Royal Palace of AranjuezRoyal Palace of El PardoRoyal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso
Sacrifice of Mosaic Law (Sacrificio de la Ley Mosaica)Saint Anthony in prayerSaint Martin
Saint Paul and Saint Barnabas in Lystra (San Pablo y San Bernabé en Lystra)Salve ReginaSan Lorenzo de El Escorial
Siege of Asilah (Cerco de Arcila)Story of Abraham SeriesStory of Cyrus Series
Story of David Series (Historia de David)Story of Gideon SeriesStory of Theseus Series
Surprise at Calais (La sorpresa de Calais)Tapestry of the Astrolabes (Tapiz de los Astrolabios)Tarquinius Priscus
Technique and manufactureTemperance (La Templanza)The Acts of the Apostles series (Los Hechos de los Apóstoles)
The Attack on La GoletaThe Book of Judith series (Libro de Judith)The Conquest of Tunis series
The Coronation of the Virgin (La Coronación de la Virgen)The Defenders of the EucharistThe Descent from the Cross
The Destruction of Troy (Destrucción de Troya)The Garden of Earthly DelightsThe Hail Series (La Salve)
The History of David and Bathsheba SeriesThe History of Hannibal Series (La Historia de Aníbal)The Honours series (Los Honores)
The Horses of DiomedesThe Israelites hand their portion of the booty to GideonThe Labours of Hercules Series
The Mass of St Gregory (La Misa de San Gregorio)The Parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard Series (La parábola de los obreros de la viña)The Passion of Christ series (La Pasión de Cristo)
The Passion of Christ series (Pasión de Cristo)The Prophet Nathan reprehends King DavidThe Rape of Helen (Rapto de Helena)
The Seven Virtues Series (Las Siete Virtudes)The Spheres SeriesThe Triumph of the Church
The Triumph of the Eucharist SeriesThe Trojan War Series (La Guerra de Troya)The Virtues challenge the Vices when Christ begins his ministry (Las Virtudes desafían a los Vicios cuando Cristo comienza su ministerio)
The advance of the Assyrian army (El avance del ejército asirio)The beheading of Holofernes (La decapitación de Holofernes)The call to the labourers (La llamada a los trabajadores)
The capture of the town of HulstThe civil ranks in worshipThe crossing of the Alps (Paso de los Alpes)
The defeat of the MidianitesThe ecclesiastical ranks in worshipThe falling of the manna in the desert
The four evangelistsThe garrison of Ardres retreats to FranceThe miracle of the lame man
The miracle of the woollen fleeceThe payment of the denarius (El pago del denario)The plunder of Cannae (El botín de Cannas)
The prophecies are fulfilled at the birth of ChristThe prophet Elias is comforted by the angelThe succession of the popes
The supplication of MestraThe taking of Tangier (Toma de Tánger)The warriors are chosen
The way to Calvary and encounter with Veronica (Camino del Calvario y encuentro con la Verónica)Theseus abandons Ariadne on the island of NaxosTheseus presents the head of the Minotaur to the King and Queen of Crete
Theseus receives Minos’ ring from AmphitriteToledoToledoSantaCruz
Tomyris orders the head of Cyrus to be dipped in a vessel of bloodTree of Life (Árbol de la vida) (aka. Protestant tapestry)Tribulations of human life
Triptych of the Birth of Christ (Tríptico del Nacimiento de Jesús)Triumph of divine Love (Triunfo del Amor divino)Triumph of the Church (Triunfo de la Iglesia)
Triumph of the Eucharist over idolatry (Triunfo de la Eucaristía sobre la idolatría)Triumph of the Eucharist series (Triunfo de la Eucaristía)Triumph of the Faith (Triunfo de la Fe)
Triumphs and battles of Archduke Albert SeriesTriumphs and battles of Archduke Albert series (Triunfos y batallas del Archiduque Alberto)Valerius blesses Decius
Vertumnus and Pomona SeriesVertumnus and Pomona Series (Aranjuez)Vertumnus and Pomona series (Vertumno y Pomona)
Vertumnus kisses PomonaVertumnus reveals his identity to PomonaVertumnus transformed into a farmer
Vertumnus transformed into a farmer (Aranjuez)Vertumnus transformed into a fishermanVertumnus transformed into a fisherman (central part)
Vertumnus transformed into a gardenerVertumnus transformed into a harvester (Vertumno transformado en segador)Vertumnus transformed into a pruner
Vertumnus transformed into a pruner (Aranjuez)Vertumnus transformed into a warriorVertumnus transformed into an old woman
Vices lead Man to sin (Los Vicios conducen al Hombre al pecado)Victory of the Eucharist over pagan sacrificesVirtue
War comes to Judah (Llega la guerra a Judá)War scene (Escena bélica)Wisdom is inspired by the Holy Spirit
With the help of the gods, Aeneas reaches the Libyan coast (Con auxilio de los dioses, Eneas llega a la costa líbica)WorkshopsZamora
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