Gallant scene (Escena galante)

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Gallant scene (Escena galante)

No element allows for the identification of the characters in the foreground. This is the encounter between a man who comes out of the forest, as symbolized by the vegetation surrounding him, and a woman in a rich dress. The two young girls who dance in the background could be the companions of Nereid Galatea, who seduced Celadon. This reading would suggest that the moment when the nymph solicits the shepherd is being depicted.

Identical structure

The scene is framed in a structure identical to that of the other tapestry, both because of the barley-sugar columns and the banners lacking inscriptions. The colouring is well preserved, although part of the fabric on the right column is missing that could not be reintegrated in the recent restoration.

Series Gallantry (Galante)

Manufacture Brussels, early 17th century

Fabric Silk and wool, 5/6 warps per cm

Size 348 x 263 cm

Location Church of San Millán de la Cogolla, Oncala (Soria)

Origin A donation by Bishop Juan Francisco Ximénez del Río, c. 1800


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