War comes to Judah (Llega la guerra a Judá)

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War comes to Judah (Llega la guerra a Judá)
The interpretation of this tapestry is rather difficult. It shows a man dressed as high priest, delivering a message to a warrior.

A character in a throne gives a document to a man wearing armour. This former character wears a tiara which seems Hebrew, so he could be identified as Nebuchadnezzar from his appearance. The scene would be representing Holofernes before his king, as told in Judith 2, 4-13. However, it could also refer to Judith 4, 6-8, highlighting the moment when Joachim, high priest of Jerusalem – a character to whom the apparel in this tapestry can be related – wrote to the inhabitants of Bethulia asking for resistance against the invading army.

Series The Book of Judith

Fourth tapestry in the series

Manufacture Netherlands, Brussels?, 2nd half of the 16th century

Fabric Wool

Location Church of Saint Nicholas of Bari (museum opened in 2009)

Origin Church of Saint Stephen


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