Resurrection of Christ (Resurrección de Cristo)

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Resurrection of Christ (Resurrección de Cristo)
The eighth tapestry in the series is dedicated to several episodes taking place after the Resurrection of Christ. Among the four tapestries of this series donated to the cathedral by Bishop Fonseca, only this and the one entitled ‘Crucifixion and the Virtues win the Battle against the Vices’ still remain here, once the other two were sold in the 1920s. A replica of this piece is kept at The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, originally from the cathedral of Toledo.

The standard and the wound

The central scene shows the Saviour standing on a tomb, characterized by an aureole of beams, and having the standard of Resurrection in the left hand and the other hand raised so that the wound of crucifixion can be seen. Seven women, who we know not to be the Virtues because of some identifying names, surround him, surprised. To the left, the Three Marys come back sorrowful after having found the sepulchre empty. Next to them we can see the guardians, who start running away, terrified.

After Resurrection

Reading continues on the top left part: Jesus Christ brings down the metallic gates to Limbo, and scares fierce animals away with the standard while the just are coming out. In the centre, Christ appears next to the Father in two almost identical images. The meeting with Mary is shown on the right, and he asks her not to follow him, Nole me tangere. The scene in which Jesus Christ reveals himself to his mother, inside a building open on three sides, is bigger. In the top right corner, the Saviour reveals himself to the disciples of Emmaus, when slicing bread during dinner.


Two prophets, Zechariah and Hosea, reinforce the meaning of the scene with inscriptions in long phylacteries: ECCE REX TUUS VENIT TIBI ZECHAR IX (See, your king comes to you), Zechariah 9, 9; VIVICABIT NOS POST DUOS DIES OZEE (After two days he will revive us), Hosea 6, 2. A border with flowers, fruits and leaves is used to frame the tapestry.

Series Redemption of Man or Vices and Virtues

Eighth tapestry in the series (first of those kept in Burgos)

Manufacture Brussels, c. 1510

Fabric Silk and wool, 7 warps per cm

Size c. 430 x 790 cm

Location Cathedral of Burgos

Origin A bequest to the cathedral in 1526 by Bishop Juan Rodríguez de Fonseca

On display St James's chapel (museum)


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