Holofernes’ Banquet (El banquete de Holofernes)

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Holofernes’ Banquet (El banquete de Holofernes)
Captivated by Judith’s beauty, Holofernes organized a banquet in his tent and invited the woman, who came dressed to kill with the aim of seducing him.

The details of the episode are told in Judith 12, 1-20. Four days after the arrival of Judith to the Assyrian camp, Holofernes organized a banquet to which she was invited. Aware of her power of seduction, Judith attended with the intention of making the general drunk in order to kill him.

The tapestry employs the same design as the previous one, with a walled city in the background and a foreground with large figures representing the Assyrian troops. In the centre, in smaller size, we see into the open tent of Holofernes, where the banquet with Judith is taking place. In front of the tent, stewards carry dishes with food and musicians play instruments.

Series: The Book of Judith

Sixth tapestry in the series

Manufacture: Netherlands, Brussels?, 2nd half of the 16th century

Fabric: Wool

Location: Church of Saint Nicholas of Bari (museum opened in 2009)

Origin: Church of Saint Stephen

Miguel Ángel Zalama, in collaboration with Jesús F. Pascual Molina

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