Couple with musician (Pareja con músico)

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Couple with musician (Pareja con músico)

In the foreground, a couple dressed in rich clothes show their affection for one another. If we accept that this scene refers to the story of shepherds Celadon and Astrée, this couple could represent the protagonists. In fact, the man seems to move his right hand in towards the light green lace fitted around the lady’s waist, which would indicate Celadon getting hold of Astrée’s garment, thus naming the colour: verdeceladón (from the French vert-céladon).</i>.

Love and music

The gallant scene is isolated from the rest of the composition by a sort of frame defined by vegetation. In the background, while the flock grazes, a shepherd accompanied by his sheepdog enlivens the encounter with music from his Pan flute.

The tapestry shows two banners on the border, top and bottom, arranged for some inscription which was eventually omitted.

Series Gallantry (Galante)

Manufacture Brussels, early 17th century

Fabric Silk and wool, 5/6 warps per cm

Size 348 x 263 cm

Location Church of San Millán de la Cogolla, Oncala (Soria)

Origin A donation by Bishop Juan Francisco Ximénez del Río, c. 1800


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